This guide is meant to get you playing as soon as possible while answering only the most basic of questions that beginners often have. For more detailed info about the game, check out the about page, and then the game mechanics page.

We need programmers and artists!

Click here to join the team!

Join the team!

We are always on the look-out for those who want to help build Initium. You don't need to be a programmer to help! There are 3 categories of help you can provide with varying degrees of skill required. They are as follows...

Back and Frontend Developers (Java, Javascript, Html, and/or CSS experience recommended)

Got some programming experience? We're able to accommodate a variety of different skill levels for the backend development. If you're interested just send me an email and then jump right into getting your development environment setup using these installation instructions. If you have any trouble, definitely let me know via email and I'll try to help you out.

If you're more a frontend guy, there is certainly stuff to be done there as well so don't hesitate to share your javascript and jquery experience with us!

Apply to be a Code Developer here

Include how much time you have on a daily basis to help with development, what you do for a living, and what kind of experience you have with web development. You don't necessarily need experience to be accepted!

Content Developers (no specific skill required)

We usually have a handful of content developers active at any time. These are people who create the game world using an online editor that was custom built for Initium. It is very easy to use. If you wish to become a content developer, give me a shout! Just so you are aware however, I generally pick people who are regular, active members of the community and tend to play quite a lot. The most important part of being a content developer is that you have a lot of time on your hands!

Apply to be a Content Developer here

Simply include your in-game character name, how much time you have on a daily basis to help with world building, what you do for a living, and any other bits of information that would help me decide to choose you as our next content dev!

Artists (pixel art, photoshop work)

We can always use talented artists to help us create new banner images and equipment icons. After you've had a good look at the game and the art style, apply here and provide us with some cool sample work that relates!

If you're not really an artist but you can use a computer AND you can get your hands on Photoshop CS5 (CS5 is important) then you have everything you need to help us with creating beautiful banners from photographs. Most of the work is just 1-click once you're setup!

Apply to be an Artist here

Include how much time you have on a daily basis to help with art development, what you do for a living, and include any sample art pieces that might relate (or not) to help your application!

Marketing (using Reddit, social media, posting on forums, contacting journalists, research)

This is a new position that we're preparing for. While Initium is still very new and a work-in-progress, many people have had hundreds of hours of fun with the game even in it's current state. We'd like to start marketing the game in a variety of different ways that finally branch outside of using Reddit (which has been our exclusive marketing platform up to this point). As a marketing agent, you would help us fill out a spreadsheet of possible places that we can advertise the game for free (like different subreddits, or gaming magazines), journalists that might be interested in writing an article about Initium, or maybe just using other forms of social media to get the word out.

Apply to be Marketing Agent here

Include how much time you have on a daily basis to help with marketing, and what you do for a living.

Lets play already!

Welcome to Initium! The starting city of Aera is where your character begins, here you are safe from monsters. It is recommended that you find some weapons and armor as quickly as possible. To find armor you can check for Nearby Items, buy them from Merchants (other players), or loot them from monsters that you kill.

Nevermind this, lets play!

Explore Aera

Use the Explore button to find new locations and possibly monsters, be sure to check the location description to help you know if there are monsters around explore more than once, there is often more than one path leading from a location. Be warned in battle, death is a permanent in Initium, when you die a new version of your character will be created with new stats and no inventory. All your old inventory and coins can be found in your dead body, assuming that no one else has found and looted it. The Inn in Aera is a place that you can visit to rest and regain your health. There are many other areas where you can rest (such as camps and homes) that may be closer to your battle area.

Buy a house to keep some of your stuff after you die

As you progress and earn more coins, you will be able to buy a house in Aera, houses are great for storing equipment that you find for later use and can even be used by your new character if you happen to die unexpectedly. When you die you lose the path to your house BUT you can bookmark the link to your house so you can get to it again once you get your new character.

To save the link to your house right click on the golden link that says SAVE THIS and use "Copy Link Address". You will want to save this link somewhere safe so I would recommend emailing it to yourself just to be sure it is never lost and is always available wherever you are playing.

Where you should go first

Here is a link to a player created area map, it can come in very handy.

When you start out, you have nothing. First thing you need is some simple combat. Explore Aera until you find Aera Countryside, then explore Aera Countryside until you find the Troll Camp. There you should find lots of beginner mobs. After that, try your hand in the Aera Swamplands and if you keep heading in that direction, you'll eventually find yourself at Black Mountain for some more serious mobs with some decent gear.

Where to make some serious cash

The best easy money in the game can be found at High Road. The mobs are not too tough and tend to give out a lot of gold. Just be careful about going too far down High Road as it is a perilous path!

Additional Resources

For some additional information on the game check out the following:

Good enough, lets go!